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Packaging Design Agency – London

The impact of packaging is crucial to any successful product launch. It is the first impression a consumer has of your new creation; your opportunity to show who you are, and what you stand for. Make packaging a priority. The right design won't just get your brand noticed; it will also reflect your values and reinforce your identity.


Middle Boop is a branding agency that specialises in pushing the boundaries, going beyond the expected to design something extraordinary. Always.

What does Middle Boop offer?

Based in London, we are a branding and packaging design agency who offer a flexible, partnership approach that our larger competitors simply can't match.

We have created bespoke packaging for many start-up companies, plus well-known brands such as Unilever and HSBC. Whether the focus is on packaging design, or you want advice on your overall brand strategy, we have the expertise you need. Beyond the packaging's look and feel, we'll also look into sustainability, ecological impact, and consumer response. We'll make sure your product gets noticed - and for all the right reasons!

How do we approach a packaging design project?

We use our unique three-step process when it comes to branding and packaging design; this is essential to ensure your product image is truly reflective of the brand identity and aligned with your company vision.

  1. Immersionwe immerse ourselves in your business to fully understand your approach.

    Immersion ensures we can live and breathe your brand while putting our creativity to work. Through this experience, we generate award-winning packaging design ideas that help you communicate your brand with the most positive impact.
  2. Collaboration – no one knows more about your brand identity than you. We partner with clients at every step to ensure we design collateral and packaging to match the characteristics of your products. Our team can be based in your office, working hand-in-hand with you to further enhance the partnership.
  3. Trust– you can trust us to offer branding and packaging design solutions that will portray your company in the best possible light. We aim to make the journey as stress-free as possible for you, so our printers can produce your packaging from start to finish. Alternatively, we can share exceptionally detailed guides with your preferred printers if you wish.

    Our branding agency specialities are not limited to packaging. As we have developed an understanding of your business, we can guide you on e-commerce strategy and design, web design or brand design, photography, social media marketing, or an overall branding strategy. Our network of experts means we always have a team on-hand to support you with your project.

    So if you are thinking of a brand re-design, or have a new product to introduce to the world, talk to us today!

How does Middle Boop's approach differ from our competitors?

In a nutshell, we always try to push the boundaries of classic packaging to create something extraordinary. Nimble and innovative, we will get your brand noticed and powerfully identified in today's competitive market.

We also ask those searching, all-important questions: How can we make this brand more sustainable? How do we minimise the ecological footprint? Can we reduce plastic? Can we make the supply chain more efficient? For us, packaging is more than just the end result. The whole process will be seamless and tailored to your needs.

With a trusted network of award-winning graphic designers, branding experts and communication specialists, we create packaging designs that are guaranteed to make an impact on both clients and customers. We work with you to transform your projects from ideas to reality; from concept to must-have product.


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