Bringing the Best LA Coffee Experience to Riyadh

Meshari Asamnan is an entrepreneurial, self-taught coffee roaster. Whilst living in Los Angeles he discovered the coffee / espresso culture and realised there was a need for this in his hometown of Riyadh where the coffee craze hadn't quite caught on. Meshari wanted to give the locals an opportunity to sample the same culture he loved so much. In 2019 he brought that dream to life by quitting his job and taking the leap to launch Vim Coffee. An authentic LA style coffee shop at in one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We helped him realise that dream by bringing Vim Coffee to life.
Vim Coffee Roasters
With a myriad of independent coffee shops opening in Riyadh, it was vital that Meshari’s should be distinctive. Fortunately, his exuberant personality played a huge part in helping us create a unique proposition and the name for Vim. We delved into deep strategy sessoins, developed a friendly and personal tone of voice and built the Vim Coffee brand pillars. Our workshops enabled us to develop the Vim story and informed the look and feel for Vim, a family run coffee house that uses the best local suppliers, sells a completely unique coffee as Meshari and his father roast their own beans and provides a home away from home for his loyal customers to hang out and enjoy premium quality coffee at affordable prices. Spirited discussion at this liveliest of coffee shops.
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