Pure Couture

Having worked together on many branding jobs, Return client Maker Studios got in touch as they were working with a new environmentally friendly fashion brand which needed a visual direction. From research and strategy development, we identified the problems, opposition and core values of the brand.
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From there we worked closely together in finding a creative solution that added value to their brand and helped get them off of the ground and noticed. Pure Couture have grown organically and very quickly as a leading environmentally friendly vlog and thanks to our branding and artwork are now seen as one of the leaders in their field.
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Mobile childcare services for weddings

The founders of Creche The Wedding found a real gap in the market. Trustworthy and fun childcare for your wedding where an engaging environment is created for the children. They work closely with the bride and groom to create the perfect, most welcoming, immersive and safe environment for each individual child.
Creche Shapes 08 f
Middle Boop Studios came in at the beginning and worked with the founders to create a full strategy and brand from end to end. The design concept needed to appeal to adults and children alike. We created bespoke illustrated patterns inspired by the sort of artwork a child might make which, along with the wordmark and bespoke typeface formed the core of the brand. We created a full suite of touch points from packaging design, artwork for the vans, out of home advertising, website and social content. The nature of design – functional, informative, structured and trustworthy. The brand is on a mission to make a change.
Creche Shapes2 03 f
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Creche Shapes 07 f
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CRECHE cup f

Through strategy and collaboration, we built Proversity from startup to international business.

Proversity is a full service digital learning service that delivers cutting-edge digital learning experiences. Their mission, ‘To bridge the gap between technology, education and employment.’ We helped the Proversity founders pivot their startup into an innovative new Digital Learning Platform. Creating an entire brand strategy, including developing brand pillars, while introducing a new look and feel – giving it new momentum as it successfully shifted from startup to established mid-level business.
Proversity11 f
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