Expanding the portfolio & direction of a global D2C men’s wellness brand

When the the patent for Viagra expired coupled with expirations on hair-loss medication, there was a race for market ownership from many different brands. Manual were the first to launch across Europe and have gained a hugely successful market share in that time. A few years on and Manual are the leaders in their category. We started working with Manual off of the back of a round of user testing resulting in hard metrics proving there was a need space for the demographic to engage with the brand in a slightly different way.
manual logo
Our challenge was to aid Manual in this brand transition from a strategic and execution standpoint whilst ensuring they were still positioned as a holistic wellness brand that empowers the consumer to take back control and make positive decisions. Most of the products were repackaged, many new SKUs were added to their ever growing portfolio, the website was redeveloped and all key visuals recreated in 3D renders.

The initial work set Manual up to gain a new round of funding, and we have since worked with them to launch more SKUs and connect to new markets in South America.
Manual Brazil set 2 1005 h
Manual Brazil set fina 2 h
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Manual product Biot 20000 h
Manual product BR Biot 30000 h
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