Juici Jerk

Juici Jerk is an award-winning Caribbean food shop, kitchen, and delivery service in London.

From humble beginnings, born and raised in Tooting, South London - brothers Troy and Jarrell Johnson took traditional Caribbean recipes from their family home and added a fresh and modern take, inspired by their own British background to create a new age of Caribbean cuisine.

Brand Strategy | Brand Development | Brand Positioning | e-commerce 

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Middle Boop came on board as strategic consultants to help Juici Jerk through their first major rebrand and repositioning, helping their pivot from delivery restaurant to UK leaders in the DTC Caribbean food market. Covid has affected every restaurant in the UK. 
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The true disruptors moved quickly and changed strategy enabling revenue to continue in some form. Our challenge was to help guide Juici Jerk to reposition and reinvigorate the brand purpose, setting a DTC driven marketing strategy and developing a new sustainability agenda to drive a whole host of new consumers to the site with a new proposition of Caribbean meal kits. Thanks to some great pr and our consulting, Juici Jerk quickly gained market share in the Caribbean meal kit business.  
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Design and Direction - Leeane Simpson
Creative Strategy - Gordon Reid
E-commerce Proposition - Gordon reid / Troy Johnson

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