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At Middle Boop we specialise in working with startups and disruptors, supporting them to grow their brand identity. Our graphic design, packaging and print work is strategically tailored to fit your brand. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

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Middleboop's Process

We use our unique three-step process when it comes to branding and packaging design; this is essential to ensure your product image is truly reflective of the brand identity and aligned with your company vision.


We get to know what you’re all about to help you fully realise your vision.


We design each brand around its distinct personality traits, rooting it to a unique positioning.


We’ll help empower you with all the information you need to decide what’s best for you.
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  • “Middle Boop studios have been an integral part of our structure at Black + Blanc, they are creatives that listen, learn and implement their creative direction. Gordon and his team have worked on two very successful and diverse campaigns that attracted huge organic attention to our brand and business. ”
    Kunal Trehan - CEO Black + Blanc Agents
  • "Even with a minimal briefing, the results were outstanding."
    Michael Woods - Flooring Specialist, Floor Refinishing
  • "Gordon was clearly an expert who understood his profession, and he knew how to explain the processes to his clients."
    Joe Shervell - Director, Sabroso

We are proud to work with

What do we do?

At Middle Boop we specialise in working with startups and disruptors, supporting them to grow their brand identity. Our graphic design, packaging and print work is strategically tailored to fit your brand. Think of us as an extended arm to your team rather than a supplier.

We offer a wide range of attention-grabbing design services and keep our approach agile and unique to each client. And we aren't just about entrepreneurs; we've worked with established companies such as Adidas and Unilever to create print design, e-commerce platforms, web content and packaging design. So whether you need a new website, a brand strategy, or a digital campaign for your existing product, our talented graphic designers will develop a solid design system deep rooted in strategy to enable strong growth for your brand.

At Middle Boop we pride ourselves on our bespoke, flexible approach to each and every project we embark on. Without the constraints that hamper a traditional, large-scale graphic design agency, we stay agile and work in a way that suits you. We stay small, so we can build big. Our design studio is versatile and adaptable, working with clients from the fashion, retail and learning industries. From small-scale disruptors to established multi-nationals; with our network of talented designers and branding experts, we can create a team with the specific skills your project needs.

Together we will create the extraordinary. Always.

Why should you choose Middle Boop?

We go beyond what you may expect from a graphic design agency. We work with you to bring your vision to life and roll out your brand. Eye-catching print, digital and social media designs that all stay true to your values.

Our design services will help your brand thrive. We support you with key business and branding decisions, from web development through to packaging design. Our partnership approach ensures we fully understand your brand identity and introduce it to the world, with maximum impact.

Clients can work on a one-to-one basis with us, or we can build a bespoke team with the best graphic designers around. Based on your project needs, our trusted network of specialists in branding, content marketing, e-commerce and web design will lead the way.

A nimble and collaborative London-based design consultancy, helping you achieve your brand aspirations.

What's special about our approach?

We partner with brands that we believe in, encouraging trendsetters and those who want to push the boundaries. We fully immerse ourselves in your project, be it eye-catching adverts or an award-winning design for your marketing materials. What you get is amazing, personalised service and creative designs.

Having experienced the usual frustrations and obstacles presented by working with other creative agencies, we simply had to find a better way to collaborate. That's why at Middle Boop we have developed a unique process for our graphic design services. A winning treble of Immersion, Collaboration and Trust.

Immersion – we start by immersing ourselves in your business to fully understand your approach. This level of integration ensures we live and breathe your brand values while getting our creative juices flowing. Only with this deep understanding of your business can we generate design work tailored to your identity.

With this partnership experience and our attention to detail, we get to know what you're all about, as well as the psychology and behaviours of your target audience. As a result, our designs don't just look great; they are crafted to make your audience take action.

Collaboration – we work closely with you at every step of the process. No one knows more about a brand identity than the people that work in it, so involving our clients throughout is key. Valuable, frequent input allows us to adapt our ideas until they reach perfection. To aid with collaboration, we can make your office our base camp throughout the project.

The third side of our triangle is Trust – once we have gained a real understanding of your business, you can trust us to design solutions that perfectly portray your brand. From social media marketing through to sophisticated digital designs, we won't let you down.

Flexibility and agility are key, not just for new businesses but also for those who want to relaunch their brands, so we offer alternative ways to benefit from our expertise.

For entrepreneurs, we can build a small, nimble team that will work independently through our strategic approach. For startups inside an established environment, a graphic designer can come and work with you on-site, creating designs to perfectly represent your organisation's culture and ideas.

Whichever approach you choose, Middle Boop graphic design agency will ensure constant collaboration, supporting and involving you throughout the journey. We will make sure your story is heard, and your brand vision is realised.

Why don't you give us a call today to
see how we could work together?
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