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Supermarket shelves are the make-or-break space for FMCG brands. Brands with brilliant food packaging have a competitive advantage.

In a sea of options, you need to rise to the top. The right packaging will make you stand out and encourage shoppers to pick your product over its neighbours on the shelf.

The stakes are too high to go down the middle or leave packaging as an afterthought. Invest in exceptional food packaging and you’ll see the difference it can make.

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Middleboop's Process

We use our unique three-step process when it comes to branding and packaging design; this is essential to ensure your product image is truly reflective of the brand identity and aligned with your company vision.


We get to know what you’re all about to help you fully realise your vision.


We design each brand around its distinct personality traits, rooting it to a unique positioning.


We’ll help empower you with all the information you need to decide what’s best for you.
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  • “Middle Boop studios have been an integral part of our structure at Black + Blanc, they are creatives that listen, learn and implement their creative direction. Gordon and his team have worked on two very successful and diverse campaigns that attracted huge organic attention to our brand and business. ”
    Kunal Trehan - CEO Black + Blanc Agents
  • "Even with a minimal briefing, the results were outstanding."
    Michael Woods - Flooring Specialist, Floor Refinishing
  • "Gordon was clearly an expert who understood his profession, and he knew how to explain the processes to his clients."
    Joe Shervell - Director, Sabroso

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Why is Middle Boop the best food branding agency?

Packaging is a fine art - it’s what makes people choose one product over another and communicates so much in so little time and space. But getting it right is positively addictive!

Your packaging needs to communicate your brand identity, your product’s information, your legal and compliance copy, all while being functional and conforming to the necessary regulatory standards.

Food and drink brands are one of our specialities. We’ve brought dozens of exceptional brands to life with standout packaging and overarching branding strategy.

And, to us, packaging isn’t just about getting a pretty product on the shelves. It’s about making sustainable choices, considering the environmental impact of materials and production processes and minimising their footprint.

We go further than most branding consultants, with our process encompassing:

Supply chain management
Materials research
Brand strategy
Different applications

Together we will create the extraordinary. Always.

Why work with Middle Boop?

We go much further than most food branding consultants. We become a part of your team.  Our process involves:

Understanding the supply chain

Knowing how food packaging and product supply chains operate makes it easier to anticipate challenges and ensure successful delivery. We know how long it takes to source materials, negotiate costs with partner businesses, order stock, work on the design (first on paper, then on screen) before moving to prototyping. We can offer advice on which manufacturing processes are right for your product.

Enabling simple user journeys through e-commerce

Understanding your target demographic means recognising how they interact with your brand online. We can advise on the best way to deliver your product through e-commerce. From online marketing automation, website design, payment services and delivery options, there are many ways to get your idea out into the world.

Developing your USP (and using it as a platform to elevate your brand above the competition).

Without a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) you will find it impossible to cut through the crowded world of food products. Everything from your packaging design to your brand's values and more needs to be created with your USP in mind . We can work with you to develop your brand's identity and communicate it through everything you do.

Food Branding Case Study

As a business with plans to grow fast - Rebel Cookie needed a strong and coherent brand experience as part of their launch strategy. The brand architecture was built up from the core values that were uncovered in discovery sessions and ideation workshops. 

All work was executed collaboratively with the client to build a set of brand assets that told Rebel Cookie's story in a way that instantly appealed to their target market.

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Why don't you give us a call today to
see how we could work together?
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