Food and Beverage Packaging Design Trends

Food and Beverage Packaging Design Trends 2019

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Middle Boop Studios are passionate about well considered packaging design and are very excited to share with you our recent list of trends in the brand packaging world, ranging from beer bottle labels to cartons of water and everything in between. Enjoy.

Stylized Illustration

Colourful flat illustrations adorn many of the most eye-catching food and beverage packaging. The key with this trend is to strike a balance between having interesting and colourful illustrations, and ensuring that the product’s details and ingredients are still legible. Below are two great examples of this; Loch Lomond brewery’s new bottles feature varying landscapes in tonal colours which wrap beautifully around the classic brown glass beer bottle, offering a nice contrast to the colourful labels. And while the non-dairy milk market continues to grow, Rude Health has solidified their recognisably vivid aesthetic with bold illustrations on every carton.


Colourful Minimalism

When considering food packaging, its worth considering the ingredients of the product and letting them shine where possible and AYOMO do a great job of this with their cold pressed juice. as the juices are already brightly coloured and enticing, it would be a shame to cover them with the large wrap-around labels that many bottles feature. Instead, AYOMO have opted for one label stating ingredients on the front of the bottle and a white bottle cap to match, making the juice the star of the show and creating a pleasingly minimal look. Rxbar have also chosen to feature ingredients on the front of the product, using bold typography and a range of bright colours to produce an clear-cut, ‘does what it says on the tin’ style of packaging.

Surprising Packaging

Whether it be for the purpose of sustainability of space-saving, designers are finding surprising solutions to packaging problems. See below; Babushka’s faux mason jars offer a more convenient way of packaging pickles by using a clear wallet and zip lock opening. Boxed Water’s packaging is another great example, using a silhouette we’d traditionally associate with milk or juice to package water in order to reduce the product’s carbon footprint. We’ve come to expect pickles in jars and water in bottles, so turning these two ideas on their heads makes for a fun and functional new take on food packaging.

By Sophia Joannides

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