Black + Blanc - A different estate agent (Really)

The three founders of Black + Blanc know only too well the stigma attached to estate agents and the industry and set out with a clear mission; To disrupt the stagnated estate agent market by doing things differently. Through listening to their customers they were able to spot their gap in the market by doing exactly that. Listening to their customers, being true and honest and doing exactly what Black + Blanc says on the tin. The model built to cater purely for the customer.
They are proud of their Croydon heritage and proud to represent the local area in helping in the regeneration. The Black + Blanc look and feel was all about maximum impact and genuinely offering a no nonsense, personalied service to their customers for buying and selling houses.
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"One of the toughest things as a start-up business is to team up with someone that can articulate your brand belief, ethics and service that makes you stand out, Gordon and his team affirmed and executed this. We are now the Best Estate Agency in the London South East Region. I would strongly recommend having a chat with Gordon, if you are looking for a creative with oomph” - Kunal CEO at Black + Blanc
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