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We're a branding studio that helps launch & grow businesses that do things truly differently. Just like we do! 

Working with businesses from Croydon to Singapore, we collaborate with entrepreneurs, accelerators and disruptors to launch and grow exciting new businesses and excel established brands and industry leaders. 

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Three reasons to call us



Startup Branding

We offer our brands highly distinctive, strategy-led packages. From doing it ourselves and helping launch many successful businesses, we know how to launch your product the right way. 


Weird World Cup

We launched our own product (just to prove we know how to build a successful brand from scratch.) The Weird World Cup beermats. Collaborating with known creatives, we sold thousands around the world and gave the money to charity.


Book us for a talk

The founder Gordon Reid tours  the world talking about creative entrepreneurship, failures, successes and usually manages to fit in a good bit of comedy and some cat and football gifs. Why not book him for a talk?


Our Core Principles


We get to know what you’re all about to help you fully realise your vision. We seek to understand the psychology of your customers, their behaviours and your needs as a brand by immersing ourselves in your journey. We form hypotheses early to test, learn and iterate. This helps us determine why a brand, product, or service exists — and what it aims to solve.


We design each brand around its distinct personality traits, rooting it to a unique positioning. No one knows more about what makes your brand unique than you, so we make you part of the entire  process. Sometimes, we’ve even moved into clients’ offices (briefly, don’t worry), or worked as a brand’s employees to get a true sense of your culture.


We’ll help empower you with all the information you need to decide what’s best for you. We focus on understanding the needs of both the brand and the consumer. We keep things simple, strip back the fuss and get to the core of the solution - and then roll it out.


Who we work with


How do we do it

We stay small and build big. We use a network of trusted creative specialists, and build a team to suit your project. Our talent pool includes the best creatives, writers, producers and strategists you'll find. Our founder Gordon Reid has over 13 years experience in developing and building brands. He honed is craft from years in advertising working under some of the best creative directors in the business for the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy before setting out on his own and building the studio. Gordon is a renowned speaker, having talked at events and festivals all over the world, he's a regular judge at awards such as D&AD, Creative Circle and Design Week and started the Middle Boop Studio journey by working in the music industry by touring with and creating artwork for the likes of Foals, Mogwai and Bombay Bicycle Club. His genuine, trustworthy nature and the infectious enthusiasm he has for his work is second to none.

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